Firedust is built using a reactive microservices architecture. It is based on Java 8 and requires Mongo DB as the primary data store. The following software needs to be setup before the installation of Firedust.

  1. JRE 8
  2. Mongo DB 3.x
  3. Message Queue

In this example we’ll install Firedust and it’s prerequisites on Ubuntu 14.04 server (64 Bit).

Install Java 8

Firedust can work on both Open and Oracle Java runtime environments. Use the following command to install Open JRE 8

Install Mongo DB

Mongo DB is not available in the official Ubuntu repositories, so we’ll install it from the Mongo DB repository

Import Geo-Location Data

Download and import the geo-location data file to Mongo.

Install Message Queue Broker

Firedust requires AMQP 1.0 based message queue for communication, and is tested against Apache ActiveMQ and Apache QPid. Below is how we can install and run Active MQ. Support for more message queues will be added in the future releases.

Install Firedust

Download and Run Firedust Server

Follow the commands below to download and run the analytics server.

Download and Run Firedust Dashboard

Follow the commands below to download and run the dashboard.


Please see the documentation for all configuration options.