Firedust analytics can easily be integrated into websites using simple HTML tags. The API has two options, script based tracking and pixel tracking.

Script based tracking

Script tracking option is stateful and allows tracking basic source and channel variables along with session information, user clicks etc. in real time.

The URL pattern for the script tag is given below. The channel can either be WEB or EMAIL, or it can even be self defined like Facebook, Twitter etc. depending on where the script tag is being used. The context can be used as a reference or identifier to classify the requests. It is also possible to pass custom variables as key-value pairs in the query string.

Below is an example of using the script tag in websites.

Pixel based tracking

Pixel based tracking option is stateless and is best suited for emails. The pixel image has 1×1 dimensions and a 100% transparency level. The URL pattern is similar to the script tag. With custom variables it is also possible to send user and campaign specific information.

Below is an example.

Example Use case

For more information take a look at this example use case