Powerful Real Time Web Analytics
  • Self/Cloud Hosting
    Self/Cloud Hosting
    Full Control and Data Ownership
  • Integration
    Integration with Data Warehouse and Campaign Management

Firedust is a powerful self-hosted real-time web analytics solutions. It captures and tracks valuable visitor information that can help gauge web/email traffic and trends in order to improve online presence and product offerings.

Firedust is open source and is available for free under the terms and conditions of Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


For official yearly support licenses please contact Ark Logik Limited. The official support license also gives access to quick bug fixes, patches and new features.

Main Advantages

Some of the advantages of Firedust Web Analytics are:

  1. Open Source, free for personal and commercial use
  2. Tracking of Web and Email traffic
  3. Self/Cloud hosting, allowing data ownership
  4. Integration with data warehouse and campaigning software